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All of Niger is
one time zone at GMT+1,
with no Daylight Savings time.

    Republic of Niger: Not until 1993, 33 years after independence from France, did Niger hold its first free and open elections.
    A 1995 peace accord ended a five-year Tuareg insurgency in the north. Coups in 1996 and 1999 were followed by the creation of a National Reconciliation Council that effected a transition to civilian rule by December 1999.
    Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world with minimal government services and insufficient funds to develop its resource base. The largely agrarian and subsistence-based economy is frequently disrupted by extended droughts common to the Sahel region of Africa.
    CIA World Factbook: Niger

Area of Niger: 1.267 million sq km
slightly less than twice the size of Texas

Population of Niger: 11,360,538
July 2004 estimate

Languages of Niger:
French official, Hausa, Djerma

Niger Capital: Niamey

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